Hirschi Breaks Freuler’s Four Decades Record

The Swiss public had to wait eight years to see their riders win the stage at the Tour de France. The one windu wait was over after Marc Hirschi (Sunweb) won Stage 12 at TdF 2020, Thursday (10/9) night.

Hirschi finished this 218 kilometer race in 5 hours 8 minutes 49 seconds. This victory is very special for the 22-year-old racer. Because this is his first victory in the World Tour event. Even more determined because Hirschi did it on the Tour de France

“This is my first professional win, and I won it in the Tour de France. It’s like a dream. It feels incredible,” said the former U-23 road race world champion after the race.

This year is his first season to enter the most prestigious race in the world. The 2020 Tour de France will also be the first Grand Tour in his career. Of course it’s a cute debut. Especially before winning stage 12, Hirschi finished second at stage 2 and finished third at stage 9.

Hirschi, now 22 years and 18 days old, has successfully established himself as the youngest Swiss racer to win the Tour de France stage. Previously, the record was held by Urs Freuler when he won stage 7 at the 1981 Tour de France, some 39 years ago. At that time Freuler was 22 years 239 days old.

Hirschi also became the first Swiss racer to win a Tour de France victory in the last eight years. The last Swiss rider to do so was Fabian Cancellara at TdF 2012.

“I never believed that I could win the stage at the Tour de France. It started like a dream and now I have a win and two podiums,” he said proudly.

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