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NBA Team Can Replace Player When Positive COVID-19

The NBA governing board and the NBA Players Association have agreed to continue the competition this season, at the end of July 2020. 22 teams will fight for the playoffs. But previously had to undergo eight regular season

Jerry Sloan, Utah Jazz Legendary Coach, Died

The sad news approached the NBA. Through the official release of the team, Utah Jazz reported that their legendary coach, Jerry Sloan, had died on Friday morning, May 22, 2020, local time. Jerry died at the age of 78 due to

4 of the most profitable teams when the NBA starts again

More than two months have passed, since the last official NBA match was held. This delay is the longest period of non-activity in NBA history. This is also the first time the competition has been postponed in the middle of the season. But

Tony Parker and Dream Have an NBA Team

Tony Parker is one of the important figures in the middle of the dynasty and the glory era of the San Antonio Spurs. Since Spurs chose him in the 28th NBA Draft 2001, Parker managed to deliver Spurs won four titles. Then together

Joel Embiid Use Number 24 to Honor Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant died in an air accident two days ago. In his honor, Joel Embiid willingly took off Jersei number 21 and replaced it with 24 for one night. The Philadelphia 76ers flashlight did that as a form of homage to