Does the Concept of Destiny Work on Petrucci’s Trip to KTM?

Danilo Petrucci’s MotoGP career leads clearly to the Red Bull KTM team. Reportedly he is convincing KTM Factory Racing and is expected to take over Pol Espargaro who will go to Honda. The name is also a ‘market’ for drivers, all things are inseparable from achievement and income. Petrucci is a racer who doesn’t demand much salary, but is kicked out. While Pol Espargaro was reported because there was no fantastic increase in salary at KTM he did not hesitate to leave his team … Like Petrucci is a kind-hearted racer … Is this proof of the working of the fate concept on Petrucci’s trip to KTM?

Does the Concept of Destiny Work on Petrucci’s Trip to KTM?

Danilo Petrucci and his manager Alberto Vergani went to Austria yesterday by car to visit the KTM Factory Racing headquarters in Munderfing, Austria. When Pol was indicated to pass to another team, KTM then tried to persuade test driver Dani Pedrosa to become a regular (full time) driver, but the Spaniard was not willing.

Already Fate?

Actually Petrucci’s manager, Alberto Vergani, has long offered his protege Danilo Petrucci to KTM two years ago. Petrucci was ranked 6th in the World last year. He is 29 years old, very well suited to the KTM Red Bull concept. Where currently their troops consist of young MotoGP racers.

Cal Crutchlow also offered himself for KTM. But the Briton has been tied to the Monster energy drink company for twelve years. It’s hard to imagine that KTM Red Bull’s main sponsor will be happy with such conditions. Therefore Crutchlow is not an option for Repsol-Honda or KTM.

Petrucci and Vergani saw all the facilities at KTM, they were impressed by the new racing department. 150 employees are constantly working on projects for Moto3, MotoGP, Dakar, MX2 and MXGP Motocross World Championships, Supercross World Championships, Enduro World Championships and so on.

A promising agreement with KTM now appears. Petrucci can enjoy the next 13 races without a burden (there is already a place in MotoGP) .. And he can show his true abilities. He felt that he was too young to ever go to Superbike. Petrux has a few things to do at the MotoGP World Championship … Could destiny be at work?

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