Dovizioso Taken to Hospital after a Motocross Accident

Andrea Dovizioso was taken to hospital after an accident while competing in motocross races in his native Italy on Sunday. Even though in about two weeks Dovizioso has to face the early battle of the 2020 MotoGP season and is currently being treated at a hospital in Forli. Italian media reported that he was likely or feared he had a broken left collarbone (shoulder). As reported by Sky Sport MotoGP, Andrea Dovizioso is the star of motocross racing at the Emilia Romagna Regional Championship, on the Monte Coralli track, in Faenza. In the next few hours, once the test results have been obtained, more will be known. Obviously this is not good news, because the first race at Jerez will begin on July 19.

Dovizioso Taken to Hospital after a Motocross Accident

The worst injury suffered by Dovi for the third time during his career in MotoGP. After a long holiday that should be ‘ready to race’ Dovi must undergo treatment … Dovizioso, who is a strong motocross racer. He went down in competition at the regional championship Emilia Romagna in Faenza, near his home, when the injury struck him ..

Andrea Dovizioso fell hard after jumping, he lost the back of his motocross and fell on his left shoulder.

It is really very detrimental if the racer is injured with the current conditions … The revised 2020 MotoGP calendar is very tight and close together. If a racer gets hurt there will be little time for recovery or healing.

Another unresolved problem is the ongoing and difficult contract between Dovizioso and Ducati. With the condition of injury will not make Ducati think to replace it with a reserve driver …? The time is so close to the first season of the season.

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