Stefan Bradl: Let Valentino Rossi Race Until He’s Tired

The world health crisis is turning things around in MotoGP. Instead of 20 or more series, there are fewer races, there is no crowd and only 1,600 people are allowed on the paddock, and many other rules have to be adjusted. Former MotoGP racer Stefan Bradl now works as an expert for ServusTV. Bradl has always followed the dynamics of driver transfers intensively over the past few weeks. He is also happy because superstar Valentino Rossi has not shown signs of retiring. According to Stefan Bradl, Valentino Rossi will not stop with conditions like this .. And as long as he still wants to race, let Valentino Rossi race until he is tired ..

What will happen with this season’s race will be very different. “All this happened because of an emergency situation,” said Stefan Bradl , the most successful MotoGP racer from Germany. “Right now, the race must be done that way. We must be happy that we can watch MotoGP races on TV. The season will not be as we hoped “.

Dorna has done everything possible so that the MotoGP and Superbike World Championships can be held. They try their best, because in 2021 it will return to normal. Bradl, now 30, will also be involved in racing events for ServusTV as an expert in their broadcasts.

Happy Because Rossi Not Retired

Bradl always follows the movements of the MotoGP racer transfer market intensively. Where during the last few weeks many interesting events .. He is also happy to see Valentino Rossi will race for Petronas Yamaha one season again. “A great career shouldn’t end with the current crisis conditions,” Bradl said.

According to the German, Petronas is a good alternative, maybe Rossi can finish on the podium a few more times or even win again. If he succeeds, we will all be happy. Vale does great things for racing and MotoGP. If he is still in a good mood and still wants to race, then he has to race until he is tired. “He’s still competitive, so I’m not too worried,” Stefan concluded.

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