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Iran’s Hulk Ready to Debut at MMA Next Year

The world of mixed martial arts ( MMA ) will be very interesting and frightening because Sajad Gharibi, nicknamed the Iranian Hulk, will soon make his debut in the fighting arena. Sajad Gharibi who initially worked as a bodybuilder

Beat Up to Fall, MMA Fighters Perform Disgusting Action

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter , Austin Batra performs disgusting actions after still trying to beat his opponent, Perry Hayer who has been sprawled. In a Battlefield Fight League class Amateur Welterweight Championship in Coquitlam,

Not Accept Lose, MMA Fighters Hit Ring Girl Face

An MMA fighter from the United States , Andrew Whitney, once accidentally hit the face of a ring girl after losing against Farkhat Sharipov in an Titan Fighting Championship. This incident began when the MMA star , nicknamed 'The Beast',