After Surgery, Chris Froome Stocks Psywar

Chris Froome again underwent surgery Friday (8/11) afternoon local time. Froome uploaded a photo shortly after undergoing surgery. In the photo uploaded on Twitter it was mentioned that the operation was carried out at the Center for Hospitality Universitaire (CHU) de Saint Etienne, France.

In the photo Froome is seen lying on a hospital bed. Half of his body covered with a blanket. A number of cables attached to the body. Froome smiled widely while raising the thumb of his right hand.

“Reducing hardware from my hips and elbows,” wrote Froome on his social media account. “(I) feel dizzy, but everything went perfectly,” said the Ineos team racer.

In his upload, Froome also seemed to spread psywar. It was drawn from the paga (hashtag) that was included in the upload on Twitter. The hashtags are  # roadtoTDF2020 and # roadtotokyo2020 . The two hashtags seemed to confirm Froome’s ambition who wanted to triumph in the 2020 Tour de France, as well as the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Froome’s plan to climb to the operating table was actually revealed at the end of October. Exactly after he took part in he took part in the 2019 Tour de France-Saitama Criterium in Japan.

In an interview with Eurosport in Japan, the leader on the Ineos team wanted to lift a metal plate still attached to his body. The plate sticks to Froome’s hips and elbows.

After the operation of removing this plate, Froome will rest for approximately two months. “I hope to be back at the latest in February. I will start there. Really! “He said.

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