B75, Brompton at More Affordable Prices

“Save money, save time, unlock your city”. Thus the Brompton tagline for the B75 model. From this message, obviously the London-based manufacturer wants to show the B75 as a folding bike at a more affordable price. 

B75 was released early 2019. It weighed 11.6 kilograms. The price is more tilted than other models. “The specs are simple, ready to use, with all the benefits of Brompton-style folds,” writes the official Brompton page.

When traced, there are some special stories that appear the name B75. The number 75, for example, was taken from 1975. It was the first year that Brompton appeared. 

B75 has a classic M-type handlebar. More basic than the M6L, S2L, or S6L models. Handlebar owned by B75 is usually found in Brompton output before 2017.

Problem frame, B75 uses steel. Exactly the same as other Brompton models. This model has one color choice, which is water blue . B75 has 3 speeds as well as the M3L or M3E series.

The B75 uses an old version of the gear shifters , which are not paired with the brake levers. As is known, since 2017 Brompton uses an integrated gear shift with the brake lever.

In addition, the B75 uses a type E fender. Saddle quality is not like other models. However, that part can still be replaced. B75 uses Schwalbe Marathon Racer tires. This type is also equipped with a non-folding pedal.

“Brompton is touting B75 as ‘the perfect introduction to cycling in the city’. B75 is considered very suitable for those who are just biking, “review the page .

Brompton lovers in Indonesia still have to be patient to look forward to this series. Because, Brompton B75 just entered Indonesia next year. (Playing bicycle)

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