Chris Froome Operated Again For Maximum Appearance Next Season

Chris Froome apparently has not fully recovered, even though he has returned to the race track. Superstar Team Ineos needs another operation to ensure his condition is really ready to face the race season next year.

As is known, Froome had a severe accident at Criterium du Dauphine, June 2019. He fell off his bicycle, then crashed into a wall. This  34-year-old rider suffered a broken thigh bone, elbow fracture, breastbone, and spine.

Froome had to undergo treatment at the hospital for three weeks. After his condition improved, Froome trained on a static bicycle. Froome was racing again last weekend. He took part in the 2019 Tour de France-Saitama Criterium.

It’s just that Froome did not participate in the main agenda at this event, which is the criterium race  . It only goes down to the  Individual Time Trial  (ITT) number. Froome claimed not to be fully ready to return to racing in the platoon.

“I still need to build strength in order to reach that level,” Froome said on the official website of the Saitama Criterium.

In an interview with  Eurosport  in Japan, the  leader  at Team Ineos revealed plans to move on to the operating table again. That was done to lift the metal plates that are still attached to his body.

“I am very lucky to be able to ride my bicycle again to reach this stage. I have some terrible injuries, and I still need surgery again to lift the metal in my hips and elbows, “Froome said as told  CyclingNews .

Froome also revealed how he used crutches to walk. In fact, he must use crutches as a buffer when going up to his bicycle.

“What makes me still limp is the plate on the hip. It also trapped several tendons, and I found it difficult to suppress when I had to walk, “he said. 

Froome again made sure to enter the operating room in the near future. After that he needs a break for several weeks. Froome hopes to be able to train normally again in December. 

“I hope to be back at the latest in February. I will start there. Really! “He said.

He hopes the next four months can return to the Tour de France under normal conditions. “That is my biggest goal. I feel very close to my fifth title on the Tour de France,” concluded Froome.

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