Create a New Division, Zwift Breaks into the Hardware Industry

Sports software developer from the United States, Zwift plans to conduct business development. The company is likely not going to just dwell on developing software . But, they also began to explore the hardware business .

This news was revealed from the job post that Zwift posted on his official website. In the job vacancy they said they would create the Fitness Technology Division.

“Meanwhile the Zwift Fitness Technology Division is a new addition to this business. This news will shock some people in this industry. The more in-depth picture of producing our own hardware, “explained Zwift.

So far Zwift’s scope has only created software for cycling and running virtually . With the brand-new division being formed, Zwift is making something new. Something different from what they used to produce.

Zwift may not yet reveal what type of hardware it wants to produce. But it is likely, the newer products produced by the new division will later be integrated with existing software. “We know it’s not an easy task to make hardware ,” they explained.

Despite designing the hardware, Zwift emphasized that they would not run away from the software business  .

“Our industry partners have years of trusted experience. Our priority as a business will continue to be centered around our core business as a software platform , “Zwift said.

At present, Zwift and its partners do indeed enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship. Zwift provides software infrastructure, while several companies support hardware, which can be integrated with Zwift. Some of the companies include Wahoo Fitness, Saris, Tacx, Elite, and many others. 

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