Cycling Becomes a Doctor’s Prescription in the UK

Cycling is not just exercising. In England, cycling has been transformed into a drug. In fact, doctors in the UK can prescribe cycling to improve the mental well-being of their patients.

That is now being researched by the non-profit organization Cycling UK in the UK. They have a program called  Cycle for Health.  This program has been implemented by Cycling UK in the last four years. As many as 1000 people are late to undergo this program.

Last year, 141 people took part in the program. They have conducted experiments in West Yorkshire. The results are very positive. The patients felt a significant increase in self-confidence. By cycling, they also feel close to others, and feel more relaxed. 

“Feedback from people who implemented this scheme is very positive. For 12 weeks we have seen a huge improvement in their physical and mental health, “said UK Cycling Senior Project Officer Tom Murray.

According to Cycling UK, those who took part in the 12-week training program reported a 32 percent increase in self-confidence. Increased feelings of close to others by 29 percent. Increased relaxation by 26 percent.

Chairman of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority Transportation Committee, Kim Groves, acknowledged that cycling is like a magic pill. Cycling doesn’t just make people healthier and live longer, but also makes them happier. 

“The Cycle for Health scheme not only encourages more people to ride bicycles, but also ensures that our residents are given the tools they need to live happier, healthier lives,” he said.

One who receives great benefits from cycling is Andrea (47 years) from West Yorkshire, England. Andrea feels her fitness is increasing. Her lung function is also much better. No less important, he also felt more confident.

“Now I really want to get out, and do other things. Continue cycling, stay active, and really start living my life, “he said as reported by 

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