Cycling for Diet and Prevent Covid-19 at the same time

The Public Health England study revealed that being overweight puts people at greater risk of exposure to serious illness or death from Covid-19. The British government has a surefire solution to overcome this problem, namely cycling.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has just issued the final moment to ‘fight’ obesity in the land of Queen Elizabeth. You do this by releasing a diet program for 12 weeks. He also asked the doctor to prescribe cycling in the diet program.

“Covid-19 has given us all the warnings about the risks of being overweight short-term and long-term. The Prime Minister clearly instructs us to use this moment to become healthier, more active and eat better,” said government spokesman, told the BBC .

“We will urge people to use this moment to find out how they live their lives. Also to take simple steps to lose weight, live a healthier life, and reduce the pressure on the NHS,” he added.

According to the BCC , the problem of obesity is weighing on the National Health Service (NHS) of more than 6 billion GBP every year. There were almost 900 thousand people were hospitalized due to obesity in the period 2018-2019. Obesity also raises the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and respiratory diseases.

“Obesity is one of the real comorbid factors. Losing weight, frankly, is one way that you can reduce your risk of coronavirus,” Johnson said as reported by The Guardian .

Try to solve this problem with the ‘ Better Health ‘ campaign . The goal is to reach 35 million people in an effort to help them lose weight and live healthier lives. This campaign will be supported by a duo program for 12 weeks.

Doctors will be encouraged to prescribe cycling as part of a 12 week diet program. The government also promises to increase cycling access. Separate lanes, with low traffic intensity, and secure bicycle parking.

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