Elia Viviani Wins European Road Race Champion

Italian sprinter Elia Viviani again won the prestigious title. He is the new champion of the European road race , after winning the race as far as 172.5 km in Alkmaar, Netherlands, Sunday (11 August).

The 30-year racer usually wins through a bunch of sprints or mass bullets. But, this time he reached for it in a much more difficult way for a sprinter : Through a breakaway .

Appearing aggressive from the start, Viviani always joined the runaway group which broke away from the platoon. In the end, at the end of the race that circled the city circuit 11 times, Viviani was one of the last three riders who broke away in front.

With only 3 km left, this trio starts challenging each other. At the last km, only Viviani and Yves Lampaert (Belgium) are in front. At present, the real victory has been in the hands of Viviani. Lampaert is no match for sprints .

Sure enough, Viviani won easily. Lampaert finished second, then Pascal Ackermann (Germany) finished alone behind.

According to Viviani, the Italian Team changed its tactics before the race. “This morning we want to achieve it through sprints. But then we chose to make the competition go even harder, “he said after finishing.

“We see from other categories, such as U23 and women, this race (complicated) because there are many bends, rocky parts, and wind (strong) that can be a differentiator,” he continued.

This aggressive strategy bears fruit. “This is one of my best wins, because it is very different from a bunch of sprints . “I’ve won the Italian national championship this way,” added Viviani, who also won the stage on all the grand tours . Namely the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia, and Vuelta a Espana.

With this result, Viviani has the right to wear a special white jersey with blue access to the European Union for the next year. (riding bicycle)

European Road Race (Men Elite) Championship Results

1. Elia Viviani (Italy) 3:30:52

2. Yves Lampaert (Belgium) 0:00:01

3. Pascal Ackermann (Germany) 0:00:08

4. Alexander Kristoff (Norway) 0:00:33

5. Michael Morkov (Denmark)

6. Sam Bennett (Ireland)

7. Matteo Trentin (Italy)

8. Luka Mezgec (Slovenia)

9. Arnaud Demare (France)

10. Rudiger Selig (Germany)

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