European Champion Must Out Due to Injury

European champion Giacomo Nizzolo (NTT Pro Cycling) was thrown out of the 2020 Tour de France. The Italian sprinter could not continue the race at stage 8, Saturday (5/9) night. He injured his knee and failed to finish at the Loudenvielle.

The Italian national champion could not continue stage 8, when the race still left 83 kilometers. When another racer was climbing in the Pyrenees, Nizzolo turned his bike back to the team car. His journey on the Tour de France 2020 ended.

NTT’s official website revealed that Nizzolo had to be out  due to a knee injury. Nizzolo has been struggling with the injury for the last few days. The team from South Africa added that Nizzolo would return to his home to undergo further medical treatment.

“It’s difficult. Honestly, this is not a pleasant feeling. Today I started racing with pain. I thought it would improve. But unfortunately not,” said the 31-year-old rider . Last year he also failed to finish in the 12th stage of TdF 2019.

Nizzolo admitted that he had struggled with pain as far as 50 kilometers. However, when his condition did not improve, it was decided to stop so as not to cause further injury to his knee. Nizzolo will focus on healing his injury so he can race in other events for the rest of the season.

“We don’t want to cause damage that we can’t repair in two weeks. Because I still want to race in the Classic races or the next races this season. That’s why I need to recover,” added the racer who finished third in stage 3 of the Tour de France 2020. .

With Nizzolo expelled, NTT had to continue the Tour de France with the remaining seven riders. Nizzolo hopes a lot from senior climber Domenico Pozzovivo. I am sure we will continue to fight. Because they have the potential to do great things, “he explained. 

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