Evil Bike Chamois Hagar: MTB for Black Gravel Tracks

The bicycle world is completely mixed up. The more blurred the separation between road bikes with MTB. Especially with the continued booming of the gravel bike category . If usually a gravel bike is a road bike that is able to be invited offroad , then now there is something coming from the opposite side. An MTB that likes to be invited to play gravel , or even traveling .

The bike is the Chamois Hagar made by Evil Bikes, a brand that is usually very focused on MTB. The name is very unique, making giggling rock music fans. Because it reads “Sammy Hagar,” who is none other than former vocalist of the music group Van Halen.

Well , this Chamois Hagar is really very MTB. Just look at the shape from the side. If there is no drop bar in front, clearly the geometry and shape of the MTB. A typical gravel bike , Chamois Hagar can be fitted with 700c tires, with a width of up to 50 mm.

According to the official description of Evil Bikes, they did make gravel bikes on an MTB basis. “Most companies start with road bikes and then make the geometry more relaxed for gravel , conservatively. It’s not too extreme. We don’t. We start from the real MTB, then make it more road ,” the release of Evil Bikes media said.

This bike is ready to be invited to all fields and needs. Including touring as far as possible. The size can be fitted with seven bottle cages , six for the small size. Fenders and shelves can be installed . Internal cable lines are designed to be weatherproof.

This bicycle can be fitted with various groups. The example in the picture is SRAM AXS 12- speed , combined with Eagle 10-50T sprocket. There are also examples using Shimano GRX. Both are using the system 1x, aka only one chainring in front. 

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