Haul-A-Day, Bicycle Transport while Sports

Overall, there are several types of bicycles commonly used by the public. Among other mini bikes, BMX, onthel , MTB, folding, or racing. Then there are a number of other specific types of designations. Recumbent , tandem, cyclocross , track , and freight / cargo bikes .

This time, it is interesting to review about a more specific bicycle. Namely a cargo bike with 20-inch tires called Haul-A-Day. Made by Bike Friday.

For those who love folding bikes, the name Bike Friday is certainly no stranger. In fact, about ten years ago, the “Tikit” folding bike was so famous because the folding process was so fast. Both opening and folding can be done in just five seconds.

Well , this same brand also has another unique model. Namely this Haul-A-Day. His name is enough to explain. “Haul-A-Day” can be interpreted literally “Hauling All Day.” So far, Haul-A-Day is the only long tail bike made in the USA .

The details of this bike are as unique as they look. On this relatively small bicycle, many features are embedded in it. 20-inch tires make this bike have a low center of gravity , useful to maintain balance while making it able to maneuver properly.

Although small, this bike is designed for people tall 137 cm to 200 cm, aka two meters. The frame can be adjusted in length, from 182 cm to 193 cm. Although long, this bike can still be invited to travel . Because this bike can be “mutilated” alias released from the frame into two or three parts.

Cargo loads located at the rear can hold loads up to 90 kg. If you feel it’s lacking, Bike Friday has an upgrade option , so it can carry up to 113 kg. The bike’s own weight is 13 kg. It is natural to remember the strong construction. Oh yes , with the ability to carry, this bike can be used to piggyback children.

There are several types of pillion passenger models. There is an “iron fence” so that small children do not easily fall. There are special large bags on the right and left. There’s even a ” footstep ” like in an SUV.

For those who like to tinker with components, this bike can use a public group that is available on the market. In the bicycle in this article, the component used is “gado-gado.” Triple crank combined with 9-speed behind.

One more feature that can later be implemented is the electric pedal assist option . Maybe it is very important if it is intended to always transport heavy goods (work bicycles).

Yes, this bike is still not a match for pickups or Colt Diesel. But it can help people who want to go green and bring more goods than usual, as well as exercise. (Johnny ray)

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