Hiya, Colnago Join Gravel Bike War with G3X

Apparently, history still has no meaning if you cannot follow the latest trends. Colnago, one of the most legendary bicycle brands , finally followed the gravel bike trend . For 2020, the brand from Cambiago, Italy, released the G3X, a bicycle specifically designed for ” gravel and long-distance riding .”

In terms of form, the G3X follows the flow of other Colnago road bicycle styles , the V3 and V3RS. But the geometry has been tampered with for the special needs of Gravel. For example, the chainstay is longer, then the bottom bracket position is lower. So it is more stable through rough roads, and is more comfortable to ride long distances.

What is special: The top tube is made longer, forcing the driver to use a shorter stem. The goal, so that handling is sharper and agile, helps motorists cross challenging roads.

Just like most gravel bikes , Colnago G3X can be fitted with wide tires. For example 40 mm. Can also be fitted with smaller wheels 650b size. At the bottom of the downtube there is a part that is protected with a layer of rubber, as a protector against the gravel gravel roads .

For those who are interested in full bikes , Colnago offers G3X bikes equipped with a special group of gravel from Shimano: GRX 810.

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