Incredible, 24-Hour Nge-Zwift Nearly 1,000 Km!

Hats off to Ed Veal, from Ontario, Canada. 43 year-old man managed to break the record bold -Zwift for 24 hours, a distance of nearly 1,000 km in one session!

Ed Veal did this crazy act for charity, part of the 2019 Splunk Conference. Splunk, a data analysis company , is one of the sponsors of the Trek-Segafredo Team in the WorldTour arena.

Overall, Veal 2 notes & for 24 hours and reached a distance of 952.6 kilometers. Continue to spin in the “world” of Watopia.

Of course it is not easy to do this. Moreover, Veal did it with quite amazing speed. He continued to hold power in the range of 220-230 watts. The average power for 24 hours is 221 watts!

Veal only got off the bike a few times (for various needs). In a total of 24 hours he turned the pedal for 23 hours, 17 minutes, and 35 seconds.

To be able to keep that power high, Veal did a special calculation. He must make sure to consume 800 calories in every hour.

Thanks to Veal’s efforts with hundreds of other cyclist , Splunk donated USD 30 thousand for social needs.

“This is one of the best moments of my life. “Of course my body is very tired, but the adrenaline from achieving this result, along with the support of the audience, makes me feel amazing,” said Veal, who had participated in the 2016 World Track Championship.

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