INEOS Recruits Two Talented Young Racers

The INEOS team continues its investment program by contracting young drivers. They have just announced two new recruits, namely Brandon Rivera (23 years / Colombia), and Carlos Rodriguez (18 years / Spain). 

Rivera is the Individual Time Trial (ITT) champion at the 2019 Pan American Championships. Previously, he raced for the continental team from Colombia, GW-Shimano. Sohib Egan Bernal was awarded a two-year contract at INEOS.

“It’s like a dream come true. Now I am part of an extraordinary team with the best racers in the world, “he said on the team’s official website, Thursday (11/21) night. 

“I feel happy and fortunate to be able to join this team. This is a golden opportunity. The INEOS team is the perfect place to develop as a professional, “he added.

INEOS coach Xabier Artetxe felt that the arrival of Rivera would have a good impact on his team. “Brandon is a v ersatile racer . He is very strong in  time trial . He can climb well, and fast when sprinting from a small group, “he said.

In addition, INEOS also recruited young talent from Spain, Carlos Rodriguez. Aged 18, Rodriguez was the national champion of ITT  junior  2018, and 2019. He also won the 2019 Tour de Gironde. Rodriguez was signed for four years at INEOS.

“Being part of INEOS is truly extraordinary. You can see that young racers are doing good on this team. They are surrounded by the best people and that is a good choice for my career development, “said Rodriguez.

Xabier Artetxe said he was impressed with Rodruguez’s achievements so far. Rodruguez has twice been a national champion in Spain. Of course this is good capital for him to achieve better results going forward.

“It will start from zero. I think Carlos will be   an excellent climber in the future. He is an interesting talent. He is a smart man who is taking a course in engineering at a university. This is an important focus for him to maintain his studies and cycling, “he explained. 

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