ITT Junior: World Champion despite Turning and Broken Crank

Two dramatic events marked the struggle for the junior individual time trial (ITT) world champion, the 2019 UCI Road World Championships, in Yorkshire, England, Monday (September 23). Both female and male champions are only achieved by a split second, because of the champions had a wrong turn or bike damage.

In the category of women, the turning error was experienced by Aigul Gareeva from Russia. In this category, the route is around the Harrogate Circuit which goes up and down as far as 13.7 km. Gareeva looked so convincing, soaring the fastest to the last km.

Suddenly, only 300 meters before finishing, he turned left instead to the exit of the escort car. He should have turned right to slightly climb towards the finish.

Once he realized the wrong turn, he immediately stopped, turned back, then tried to drive as fast as possible toward the finish. Luckily for Gareeva, the time is still fast enough to become the U18 world champion!

He recorded a time of 22 minutes and 16 seconds. Only won three seconds over Shirin van Anrooij (Netherlands). Elynor Backstedt (UK) finished third, only minus ten seconds after almost slipping and falling on one of the corners.

After finishing, Gareeva admitted she made a wrong turn due to ” blank .”

“Around the corner, I felt dark and everything seemed to be gone. I only see the white lines of the road. I don’t know what happened, “he admitted.

Meanwhile, in the male category, the problem experienced by Antonio Tiberi (Italy) was at the beginning. Just getting off the starting ramp , his legs suddenly turned fast. He is having mechanical problems . The crank is broken. Because a new support car appeared from the turn in front, he had to roll before getting a replacement bicycle.

Even though the start was a mess, Tiberi did not give up. He continues to step on the gas completing the route 27.4 km, aka two rounds around the Harrogate Circuit.

The problem does not stop there. In one of the narrow streets, he also was blocked by other racer supporters of cars that were slower in front of him.

Finally, amazingly, Tiberi was able to complete the route in 38 minutes and 28 seconds. Win only seven seconds over Enzo Leinjse (Netherlands). Marco Brenner (Germany) finishes third, losing only 12 seconds.

“It’s hard to believe I became a world champion,” Tiberi said after the race.

This Tuesday (September 24), the UCI Road World Championships calendar continues with ITT for Men U23 and Women Elite. (riding bicycle)

UCI Road World Championships 2019

Junior Men Individual Time Trial

1. Antonio Tiberi (Italy), 38 minutes 28 seconds

2. Enzo Leinjse (Netherlands) + 7 seconds

3. Marco Brenner (Germany) + 12 seconds

Junior Women Individual Time Trial

1. Aigul Gareeva (Russia), 22 minutes 16 seconds

2. Shirin van Anrooij (Netherlands) + 3 seconds

3. Elynor Backstedt (United Kingdom) + 10 seconds

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