Jakob Fuglsang Allegedly Collaborated with Forbidden Doctors

One of the world’s top racers, Jakob Fuglsang is suspected of collaborating with a doctor who was banned due to a doping case, Dr. Michele Ferrari. But this allegation was denied by Fuglsang, Dr. Ferrari, and Astana as the club that overshadows the racer.

The Danish newspaper, Politen, reported the Cycling Anti-Doping Foundation (CADF) report, writing that Dr. Ferrari was in the 2019 Vuelta a Catalunya with Fuglsang, and his partner in Astana, Alexey Lutsenko. Fuglsang is also said to have met with Ferrari at Monaco.

This report became a stir. Because Dr. Ferrari has been banned from working in the world of sports since 2012. He was caught in a doping case. The Danish superstar finally responded through his Instagram account. Fuglsang has denied the allegations.

“I can confirm that there is no procedure that has even been opened up by anti-doping authorities who are competent with me. Therefore, I have no case to answer. I am very concerned that rumors like this can spread in the media,” he wrote.

The club that houses Fuglsang, Astana also denied the allegations. Astana still abides by its commitment to fight doping. They also made sure all the drivers obeyed all anti-doping regulations. This includes a prohibition on cooperating with banned individuals or doctors .

“We do not cooperate with suspicious doctors, such as Dr. Michele Ferrari. Our drivers are also not authorized to consult with doctors outside the team. Both for any activity, or to be prescribed a diet, and any treatment,” Astana said in a statement official.

Astana also believes, if CADF and UCI have evidence of error by drivers of any team, then the disciplinary process will begin immediately in accordance with anti-doping regulations, and the world’s anti-doping code.

After Fuglsang and Astana, it was Ferrari’s turn to disprove the report made by Politiken. According to Dr. Ferrari, the report made by Politiken is a lie. Alias ​​hoax. “I have not been in contact with drivers from Astana for ten years,” he said.

According to Dr. Ferrari, the Politics report was written based on false reports from parties who might be interested. “I also haven’t been to Monaco or Nice for at least 12 years. Physically, I haven’t been in a race since 1994,” he said.

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