Julie Ann Pedalino: Is this the Most Creative Bicycle Maker in the World?

There is a handmade bicycle maker on a leaf. Origin of the United States. Precisely the origin of Lenexa, a city in the state of Kansas, not far from Kansas City. She’s a woman, named Julie Ann Pedalino.

Beginning this November, precisely on 2-3 last, he received a prestigious award. His work was chosen as the Best in Show at the 2019 Philly Bike Expo.

Julie Ann Pedalino is the founder and maker of bicycles at Pedalino Bicycles. He founded the brand about five years ago, and continues to appear and gain attention (and appreciation) at handmade bicycle exhibitions .

Pedalino bikes now have special fans. Has stuck its own characteristics. Namely combining art (art) with complex manufacturing techniques. The catchphrase is simple: All can be customized ! There is no limit.

Julie Ann Pedalino has a background in fine arts . Combined with strong design and fabrication capabilities. Because of falling in love with bicycle sports, he also combined the two, pioneering Pedalino Bicycles.

“I started my career making frames because I love biking. The more I ride my bicycle, the faster I become, and the more aware I am of my own strength. Who would have thought I had the ability of a hidden athlete all this time? Then I want to integrate cycling with my artwork, “he said as reported by Bikerumor , while attending the North American Handmade Bicycle Show in 2015.

The opportunity to learn then comes from a bicycle shop called Velo +. They are looking for women who can be educated to be bicycle mechanics. Incidentally, the shop owner is also a bicycle maker. Complete knowledge gained by Julie Ann Pedalino.

Since then, Pedalino has continued to study. He strengthened capabilities in 3D modeling, parametric CAD design, CAM programming, and CNC machining. He continued to look for ways to make artistic or complicated components or parts.

Pedalino wants all consumer dreams to come true. Want strange and difficult shapes? Anyway can. “No idea is too crazy.” He wrote on the official website of Pedalino Bicycles.

Pedalino is not fixed on one type of bicycle. Want MTB, want to road , all can. Later, the trend of gravel bikes was explored. One of the results was the victory at the 2019 Philly Bike Expo in early November 2019.

The bicycle is the result of a combination of steel and titanium . See how complicated the details are. How titanium bars are put together with steel lugs (snobs) that are so complicated and artistic. Then there are details attached. This bike is like a complicated puzzle that blends so beautifully.

To add complexity (and beauty), certain parts are anodized so that they are beautifully colored. Not to be missed, the SRAM sprocket was anodized .

One of the most amazing parts is the dropout (the part where the rear derailleur clings to the back). Blends beautifully with the heart- shaped hanger derailleur ! All of that was made with the help of 3D modeling and CNC machining.

Want to see more quirky works? Just open the official website or social media account Pedalino Bicycles. Really beautiful works for bicycle lovers, also connoisseurs of art! (riding bicycle)

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