Lachlan Morton Sets New Everesting Record

Lachlan Morton (EF Pro Cycling) is claimed to be the new world record holder for Everesting. He set the record last weekend. In the United States. Precisely Rist Canyon, Colorado. He climbed a total of 8,848 meters with a record time of 7 hours 32 minutes and 54 seconds.

Morton actually just set a new record for the Kokopelli Trail in Colorado and Utah at the end of last May. This Australian racer cycled as far as 140 miles, around 225 kilometers, on a mountain bike lane (MTB) with a record time of 11 hours and 14 minutes.

Two weeks ago and Morton re-emerged with a new record. He is called the Everesting new world record holder. Morton needs 42 rounds of climbing in Rist Canyon to reach the height of Mount Everest. Each climb takes about nine minutes.

Despite the slowness of data on his GPS, Morton’s Everesting record has been verified by the Everesting watchdog group, Hells 500. He has climbed as far as 169 kilometers with an average speed of 22.4 km / hour and reached 121.3 km / hour on the descent.

Interestingly, Morton completed this challenge in silence. Quietly. Even his own team, EF Pro Cycling, did not upload Morton activity on the official website or on his social media accounts. Morton’s record was revealed when he uploaded the details of Everesting’s efforts on his Instagram Story .

The upload was then commented on by Everesting’s previous record holder, Keegan Swenson. “Lachlan Morton just broke Everesting’s record. And he did it at the height he was supposed to do,” said the cross-country racer (XC) from the United States.

Swenson set the Everesting world record on May 15 last. He climbed a total of 8,848 meters with a record time of 7 hours 40 minutes and 5 seconds. Now the record goes to Morton. “Congratulations to Lachlan, it was a memorable trip,” Swenson told CyclingTips .

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