Looking for Brompton Alternatives? Here Are Five Other Exciting Bicycle Brands

A British-made bicycle called Brompton is really hits in Indonesia. The model is cute and compact when folded very popular in this archipelago. Well , for those who are looking for a comparison bike, there are actually several other brands that are also attractive. Both have small wheels, both are fun to ride or collect.

In this paper, there are five brands displayed. Even though there are actually many other brands. These five were chosen because they have an interesting background and brand history , plus comfort when used. Here are five exciting brands:

1. Alex Moulton

The bike created by Alexander Eric Moulton (commonly called Alex Moulton) also came from England. The company was founded in 1962, and is a pioneer of small wheeled bicycles. At that time, Moulton thought that the “diamond” (common form) bicycle at that time was not quite right for women, especially for shopping. He also designed a bicycle with a small tire size, plus wearing a suspension, so that it is comfortable to use everyday.


Just look at the photo. The shape is very unique. Suspended “cone” ala the old Mini Cooper car. This is not a coincidence. The designer of the previous Mini car suspension system was Alex Moulton himself.

For those interested, the entry level model is TSR 9, which is very comfortable to wear. Equipped with a 9-speed groupset and front-rear suspension.

Even if there are “complaints” from small-wheeled bicycle enthusiasts: Alex Moulton’s bicycle cannot be “folded.” But must be released (mutilation) if you want to be stored or carried in a more concise form. Additional notes: Some other models can not even be removed at all frames .

2. Bike Friday

This folding bike is still made in America. Precisely in Eugene, Oregon. The variants are very diverse. Ranging from those that can be folded quickly to folding bicycles a la mini velo. And Bike Friday can customize bikes according to the owner’s needs. Both in color, size, and groupset options. This is what makes Bike Friday a high-performance bike for its type. Almost the same as a normal wheel.

Bike Friday also makes Haul-a-Day bikes. Cargo bikes with e-bike options. In addition to being able to transport goods, this bicycle can also be invited to piggyback a small child, deliver it to school.

 3. Tyrell

This bike is designed and made in Japan. Precisely at Shikoku, Kagawa. Designed by original Japanese designers, who have dreams of making everyday mobility vehicles and ” fun to ride .” The company’s slogan illustrates the dream: ” Ive Emotion ” whose English is “right” is ” I Have Emotion .”

This bike is selling well in Japan. Now it has penetrated various countries in the world. The types are various. From affordable prices to expensive ones, depending on specifications. The use of an external groupset also makes this bike have good performance. The fold position is also concise.

Overall , this bike is comfortable to ride and is relatively lightweight for a folding bicycle.

4. Dahon

These Taiwan brand folding bikes were created by David T. Hon and Henry Hon in 1982. They are among the creators of the world’s first folding bikes that are so small that they can be placed under the train seats.

The Dahon Factory is the largest folding bicycle manufacturer in the world. Dahon also has a variety of series. From cheap ones to tens of millions of rupiah. This bike is more easily found in various bicycle shops in urban areas.

Dahon is quite popular among cyclists. The commonly found groupset makes it even more practical to use.

5. Tern

The Tern bicycle manufacturer based in Taiwan, has existed since 2011. Its founders are Florence Shen and Joshua Hon, who are none other than the wife and son of the founder of the Dahon bicycle. The name “Tern” is inspired by the type of Artic bird, whose migration distance is the farthest among all migratory animals.

Tern Bikes are quite comfortable to ride everyday. Especially with tires that are slightly larger than folding bikes in general. Tern has many series. And now it’s penetrating the e-bike market. The price also varies, and this bike is no less popular among folding bike lovers. 

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