Movistar Trying to Be an Environmentally Friendly Team

Being the first environmentally friendly bicycle racing organization using renewable energy, that is the target of the Movistar Team today. The first step is to use solar panels at their headquarters in Spain. In addition, the team car will also change to a hybrid model.

Although the main points of cycling are sports and modes of transportation, the sport of bicycle racing also involves motor vehicles. So that the implementation is also not always environmentally friendly as it should.

The Movistar Team has measured its carbon footprint. They found that the team’s vehicle and energy used at its headquarters in Pamplona, ​​Spain, has produced 175,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide (CO2) every year.

In its official page explained, Movistar will exchange its team vehicles with hybrid models to reduce CO2 emissions. While their headquarters will use solar panels to have 100 percent renewable energy. The team also promised to support the green project.

“At Abarca Sports, we want Team Movistar to become the first top-ranked team that is fully sustainable in its activities,” said Miguel Grávalos, CEO of Abarca Sports and owner of Team Movistar, Tuesday (6/30).

“From now on we are a cycling team working for the future,” said the General Manager of the Movistar men’s team, Eusebio Unzue.

Currently the team, which was founded in 1980, is trying to get the Seal of Recognition from the Spanish Ministry of Ecological Transition (MITECO). They also involve staff and racers in their efforts to become an environmentally friendly team.

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