No.22 Introduces The World’s Most Practical Travel System

Traveling by bicycle is the dream of many cyclist around the world. However, sometimes there are also many problems. The packing is not necessarily simple, so the luggage / bicycle bag is also often impractical. Large, heavy, and often have to incur additional costs when invited to fly.

In fact, many bicycle brands have made ” travel bikes ” that can be packed smaller and more compact. The frame can be removed into two halves, then the two wheels are removed. Get into the smaller suitcase.

Ritchey is best known for his Break-Away system . Other brands are adopting detachable systems from S&S.

However, packing and rebuilding the bike can be even more of a pain. Because it has to involve a special system on the frame , plus rearranging the brake cable / derailleur and others.

The famous titanium bicycle manufacturer, No.22, has just released a new, much more practical system. The coupler system is so neat, it’s invisible at first glance. Then, only by removing the bolts, the center of the top tube and down tube can be removed. The bike has separate front and rear.

Then, in the down tube , there is a new system called ” Brake Break .” Brake cables and the like can be pulled apart very easily. No need to reset. Includes hydraulic disc brake system !

With this system, the owner can really travel more easily. No.22 also claims ride quality has not changed, the frame will not sound or shift in the joints. Additional weight is also minimal, only 140 grams.

In fact, this system can be applied to all similar bikes. However, No.22 still takes care of it, making it exclusive to the frames it makes . “This is to make sure we can meet the needs of our orders first. But we are certainly in talks with other bike makers,” said Mike Smith, co-founder of No.22, who is based in New York.

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