Pinarello MAAT, Italian Weapons Won Gold in the Tokyo Olympics

Later in 2020, the technology war will be very crowded in the track arena aka the velodrome . For the sake of pursuing a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics, several manufacturers released the latest bicycles. From England, Hope and Lotus have collaborated to arm the British Team. Now, Pinarello released MAAT, as a “gift” for the Italian Team.

The world bicycle racing federation, UCI, is indeed loosening strict regulations for track bike design. As a result, many new products have emerged, optimizing shapes to achieve the desired aerodynamic and stiffness figures .

Through MAAT, Pinarello combines lessons from their “old” bicycle, Bolide HR, with the latest development opportunities. The result is a bicycle that is more integrated , thinner (aero), as well as more rigid and able to accommodate the needs of various racers.

The most prominent shape is on the front. The headtube is more integrated with the top tube and the fork / steerer . Make the nose smaller and seem long.

Pinarello re-applied asymmetrical philosophy to the stern, emphasizing that the right and left have different demands. Look at the bottom bracket and chainstay (plus seatstay ) on this bike, it looks very sturdy to optimize the power transfer of the leg muscles of the racers.

Another major development was carried out in the cockpit. The shape of the handlebar is made as ergonomic as possible, prioritizing comfort when held. While still helping the racer achieve the most aerodynamic position. Look at the shape of the “grip” that mimics the shape of the shifters on a normal road bike , it gives a different body position option but still quickly split the wind.

With the release of weapons for the British and Italian Teams, in the next few months don’t be surprised if other manufacturers come to release their newest track bikes . And suddenly, the velodrome in Tokyo 2020 will become the sexiest bicycle exhibition event! 

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