Racers Woe Because of Selfie Audience

The rules for the Tour de France 2020 audience are actually very clear. There are four points. One of them is prohibited from taking selfies with racers or during the race. Unfortunately, this rule is ignored. As a result, the racers suffered.

The first stage of the 2020 Tour de France was just entering the 50th kilometer when a number of racers fell to the asphalt. One of them is Domenico Pozzovivo (NTT Pro Cycling). He had an accident caused by the audience.

The story is that the racers are going fast at a speed of approximately 50 km / hour. Then there was a photographer who tried to take a selfie. According to Pozzovivo, it was the spectator’s hand or cellphone that hit the helmet and knocked him down.

“Thanks to the audience that consider selfie photo was a good idea. So I hit the phone at a speed of 50 km / h with a helmet. It also caused 20 other riders fell and badly injured my elbow back,” wrote Pozzovivo on account Instagram him .

Pozzovivo did not suffer serious injuries. The Italian rider only “lost” some skin on his left leg. Apart from that, he also needed stitches on the elbows. “An appeal to the audience, please step back while the race is passing,” asked the NTT Pro Cycling team.

Pozzovivo finished 120th in the first stage on Saturday (29/8) yesterday. Even though he was hurt by the crowd, the 37-year-old racer was grateful that he could continue the race. “It was a tense day with rain and lots of accidents,” he said. 

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