StagesBike and Kickr Bike: Welcome to the New Age of Smart Bike

The largest bicycle industry exhibition in the world, Eurobike, was held back in early September in Germany. No half-hearted, this event displays about 1,400 exhibitors , with a total visitor estimated at 60 thousand people.

As always, there are many new things on display. Mark the beginning of a new era, or show future trends. Or just reinforce the trends that have evolved in recent times.

In some series, the items and new trends will be discussed at . For this first series, the world of indoor cycling must be discussed first. The trend of cycling without leaving home has been booming in recent years. And going forward, more and more new investments to make the experience of cycling in the house more fun.

This trend was driven by the explosion of two things. First, an increasingly smart indoor trainer can help simulate the program and the difficulty level. Second, the growing number of applications such as Zwift and TrainerRoad, which makes exercise at home more enjoyable and effective.

Now, there is another new evolution. At Eurobike 2019, this evolution was raised by two companies. Stages and Wahoo.

They released ” smart bikes .” Indoor bikes are equipped with various advanced features, so we no longer need to buy bikes and indoor trainers separately.


Stages, a company from the United States, has already been successful in supplying gym bikes or power meters for gym bikes . They then become more famous through the power meter for the bicycle crank. Helped Team Sky / Team Ineos to win the Tour de France several times.

Now, with StagesBike, they enter a new world. This bike is designed as tough as possible, easily adapted for all riders, and futureproof . That is, it will be able to adjust to all future developments in bicycle technology / training .

One StagesBike can be used for everyone in various sizes. The saddle position can be up and down and back and forth precisely, according to the bike fitting data of the rider. The crank also has a number of pedal holes. So, you easily choose the crank length of 165, 170, 172.5, or 175.

For training, StagesBike can overcome the demands of enormous power . Up to a maximum of 3,000 watts at 120 rpm. Far above most indoor trainers on the market. They achieved it using Gates carbon belt drive(not a chain). So besides being powerful , this system is also very durable and not noisy.

StagesBike collects data through the power meter on the left and right sides of the crank , so users can analyze the balance of power on both legs.

This smart bike is equipped with standard handlebar . But you can replace it if you want another model. The brake hood is equipped with a number of programmable buttons . So, you can simulate gear shifting, even braking and steering functions! Depending on the development of the simulation or application of training in the future.

According to Pat Warner, vice president of Stages Cycling, this product is not only sophisticated, but also made as durable as possible. “StagesBike continues our focus on innovation, accuracy and durability,” he said.


Wahoo is among the most aggressive in the world of indoor cycling . Their product, Wahoo Kickr, is considered the world indoor trainer standard . It is then equipped with Kickr Climb and Kickr Headwind to get a “feel” uphill and wind.

At Eurobike, Wahoo simplifies all devices in one product: Kickr Bike. No need to buy a bicycle and trainerseparately. No need to buy a separate uphill device. Just one, Kickr Bike.

According to Jose Mendez, director of product management at Wahoo, this new product is truly the pinnacle of their current innovation. “Kickr Bike represents the highest standard for an indoor smart bike in terms of performance , and has full features,” he said.

This Kickr Bike is designed as simple as possible so that it is easily assembled and operationalized by the owner. Just ten minutes of time for setting , then you can just go up and practice Kickr Bike can simulate grade and descent, as well as having front and rear “brakes” to help control the speed like cycling on a normal road.

We can also adjust the gear ratio according to a normal bicycle. There are seven gear shift settings, representing groupset brands such as Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo. According to Wahoo, the “feeling” of moving the gears can be simulated.

Just like StagesBike, Kickr Bike can also be precisely adjusted for the size of the rider. The crankset is similar too, has several pedal holes for various lengths. From 165 to 175 mm.

Actually, neither Stages nor Wahoo was the first to release the smart bike concept. In the last few years there have been Wattbike. However, Stages and Wahoo have products that are in harmony with the latest developments in the application world.

Don’t be surprised if after this more and more manufacturers release similar products! (continued)

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