There is now a Triathlon version, 1×13 Rotor Really One for All

Competition in the arena group continues to increase. The Spanish manufacturer, Rotor, continues to try to “fight on their own land” through its 1×13 Rotor product. Namely the 13-speed groupset with one chainring at the front, which is designed so flexible that it can be used for all cycling disciplines. From MTB to road , including all categories in the middle or its surroundings!

This month, the groupset has become more complete. Rotor launches the 1×13 triathlon version, which debuted the competition at the Ironman world championships in Kona, Hawaii, October 12 last.

Rotor also displays it at the 2019 Taichung Bike Week, a bicycle industry exhibition that takes place in Taiwan, October 16-18. get a chance to see firsthand this new component in Taichung.

The 1×13 rotor is the result of evolution from Rotor Uno, a 12 – speed hydraulic group that has been circulating since 2016. When other brands such as Campagnolo and SRAM move to the 12-speed track , the Rotor then shifts again with 13-speed . But exclusively only 1x system (read: wan bai) alias only one chainring in front.

Rotor designed this 1×13 system with a modular system. That is, the parts can be combined, according to usage requirements. Can make MTB, can make gravel or cyclocross , can make road . And now for triathlons .

The most important component in this groupset is the rear derailleur (RD). Displacement system or “heart” is in this component. It looks big and sturdy, because it is wrapped in armored box to protect all parts in it.

After RD, others can be purchased as needed. Start shifter , crankset and various sizes of chainring (plus power meter options ), then various sizes of cassettes or 13-speed sprocket . Sprocket choices are many, there are 10-36, 10-39, 10-46, even 10-52.

For now, for those who are interested, there is indeed one key component that must be purchased. Namely the 13-speed hub . That means you have to have special wheelset . This can be done custom . Namely buying a Rotor brand hub , then combining it with a wide selection of reams .

If you don’t want to invest that far, you can buy a 1×13 ready groupset. That is, all components are the same, but set for 12-speed first. Incidentally, the 12-speed sprocket from the Rotor is still compatible with the Shimano 11-speed hub . Later, if you want to add gear options, you can buy 13-speed Rotor sprocket and hub .

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