Tips on Setting the Hub Gear Chain and Removing the Brompton Rear Wheel

Cycling with Brompton is great fun. Practical, and easy to swerve in urban traffic. But when problems arise like gears that can’t move smoothly or tires leak, cyclist doesn’t need to panic. The following tips can be done alone.

How to set the Hub Gear 3 speed chain (time: 5 minutes)

There are times when our Brompton who has 6 speed have to experience difficulty moving their 3 speed gear. Well, the first check is the indicator chain. Internal gear indicator chain at a certain time could be slackened.

To overcome this problem you can see the chain that connects the inner cable with the internal gear. If it is too loose then you need to adjust it by:

1. Move the 3 speed shifter to the middle or 2 position

2. Loosen the lock nut that locks the anchorage hub gear.

3. Tighten the barrel in the anchorage hub gear so that the stem and chain boundaries are visible in the tensioner nut hole about 1 mm long.

How to remove and install the rear tire

The thing to watch for Brompton users who like touring is to always have to carry a 15 mm wrench to remove the rear wheels. Very troublesome if at 2 notes & occurs tires leak in the middle of the trip. But it is not difficult to dismantle the Brompton rear wheels.

Prepare tool:

1. 15mm wrench

2. tire lever or cukit tire

3. spare inner tube


1. release the hub gear chainĀ 

2. Remove the chain from the tensioner

3. Remove the tensioner bolt using a 15 mm wrench

4. then still with a wrench 15 mm remove the wheel from the frame

5. after the wheels detach from the bicycle, with the ridge of the tire remove the tire from the rim or alloy wheels

6. change the inner tube

7. then put the tire back into the wheel. Then attach the wheels to the frame. And tighten the nut with a 15 mm spanner

8. attach the tensioner to the chain and tighten the nut with a 15 mm wrench

9. Then put back the hub gear chain like the way in no. 1

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