UCI Discourse on Equality of Men and Women Racers Quota in the 2024 Olympics

UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) received criticism because of differences in the quota of male and female racers at the 2020 Olympics. The criticism was answered by discussing equalizing the quota of male and female racers at the 2024 Olympics in Paris.

As is known, UCI has released the road race racer quota   for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. Only 130 male racers, and 67   female riders will fight Tokyo.

This difference in quotas for male and female racers has drawn criticism. A number of people considered that UCI did not act fairly. The UCI responded. They issued a discourse to equalize the drivers quota at the upcoming 2024 Olympics.

“UCI is fully committed to equalizing quotas between the two genders in the Olympics. This is in line with the UCI 2022 agenda, we intend to make it happen at the 2024 Olympics in Paris, “UCI spokesman Tom Vasich told Cycling News. 

UCI added, discussions on how to achieve this goal were ongoing with the International Olympic Committee. UCI explained that the quota allocation for male and female racers was equal in three of the five disciplines of bicycle racing in the Olympics. The three are MTB, BMX Racing, and BMX Freestyle.

As for the track numbers, the numbers are almost the same. Namely 98 male racers, and 91 female racers.

“Regarding the  road race , the quota for female racers increased from 45 in 1984 to 67 in 2004. This number was maintained in 2020. While the quota of male racers decreased from 184 in 1996, to 130,” he explained. 

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