Wdnsdy Bike Launches AJ1 Disc Brake 2020

Indonesia’s high-performance bicycle brand , Wdnsdy (read: Wednesday), launches a new weapon for 2020. The bike is the Wdnsdy AJ1 Disc Brake, an evolution of the AJ1 that competes in professional championships in the United States.

“Wdnsdy AJ1 is our flagship product . The frame has won many competitions, both in Indonesia and in America. The frame has also taken part in the biggest events, finishing in the front row, in America. In the past year, we have prepared its evolution, using disc brakes . Keep up with the development of the current road bike industry , “said Azrul Ananda, one of the founders of Wdnsdy.

According to Azrul, developing AJ1 from rim brakes to disc brakes is not as simple as imagined. The AJ1 bike received a lot of praise for having an explosive character. The Point S-Nokian racers, a professional team in America, called it ” Happiness Watt Maker .” This character must be able to be maintained when converted into a disc brake version .

“We maintain the AJ1’s geometry which is very racing . Keep using the highest level of carbon combination, Torayca T1000 and Mitsubishi Rayon M40, “added John Boemihardjo, also the founder of Wdnsdy.

As a bonus, because it no longer uses rim brakes , the latest AJ1 can be fitted with wider tires. “Now the road bike trend has led to increasingly wide use of tires. Wdnsdy AJ1 Disc can be fitted with 28 mm tires easily. Even 30 mm tires, “explained Azrul.

This development makes the AJ1 Disc all- rounder . With wider tires, air pressure on the tire can be reduced. Adds driver comfort without reducing the explosive character of Wdnsdy AJ1.

With wider tires, the AJ1 Disc is also increasingly able to be taken through unique routes. Especially the roads are more rough or gravel ( gravel ). “This is also a demand of the market in America, where many people use racing bikes to pass heavier routes,” said Azrul.

Just like the previous version, this Wdnsdy AJ1 Disc has also passed UCI certification, the world bicycle racing federation. So it is legal to use in international class races. The frame sets , in the form of frames , forks , and head sets , can be obtained starting in August 2019. New colors are available. Like metallic black, green, wine (purplish), and the special colors of Indonesia Racing (red-white) and candy tone red . The good news, the price of Wdnsdy AJ1 Disc is no different from the AJ1 rim brake .

Wdnsdy is a high-performance bicycle brand based in Surabaya. AJ1 Disc increasingly complements the company’s line of products that skyrocketed since 2017. Besides AJ1 and AJ1 Disc, Wdnsdy also has an AJ62 road bike plus a gravel / adventure bike called Journey.

In 2018, Wdnsdy sponsored a women’s professional team in the United States, Point S-Nokian Tires. Competing in the biggest competitions in the land of Uncle Sam, won many good results including victory.

Starting in 2019, Wdnsdy also supports the development of Indonesian bicycle athletes. Namely by sponsoring the Continental team from Indonesia, the Customs Cycling Indonesia (CCI) Team. This squad will use AJ1 and AJ62 competing in the highest competitions in Indonesia and Asia. (riding bicycle)

Wdnsdy AJ1 Disc Brake 2020 Metallic Black.

Wdnsdy AJ1 Disc Brake 2020 Special Edition Indonesia Racing.

Wdnsdy AJ1 Disc Brake 2020 Metallic Green.

Wdnsdy AJ1 Disc Brake 2020 Metallic Wine.

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