WX-R Vorteq Tokyo Edition: Pinarello Becomes Cheap

The arms war for the Tokyo Olympics continues. From England, another track / velodrome bicycle came. Named WX-R Vorteq T1 or Tokyo Edition, this bike is in the spotlight because of the crazy price. I was so expensive, Pinarello MAAT which was also just released became like a cheap bicycle.

If you want to buy a complete bicycle, the Vorteq WX-R can reach USD 80 thousand or exceed Rp 1 billion!

These bikes are indeed demanding to use special components that they provide themselves. The frame itself is super expensive, and is only available in two sizes, small and medium. The forks are exclusive, demanding to use the front wheel made by WX-R (Worx Bikes) itself. Can be four-spoke or full disc. Cannot be other brands.

Seatpost can be fixed (non-adjustable) or adjustable. If it is fixed, it must use saddles that are also made by themselves. Not to mention the integrated handlebar and stem, which certainly cannot use other brands.

Which can use outside brands are drivetrain components and rear wheels.

Why so expensive? What is certain is not because of carbon or technology from outer space. Usually, bicycles like this are exorbitant for political reasons.

For example, at the London Olympics in 2012, the British Team used their own designed bicycles that cost was exorbitant. When it was revealed, the price was made expensive so that no other party could afford or want to buy it. Because according to UCI regulations, bicycles used in competitions must be available for sale freely.

Well, the Team England bike first, and the WR-X Vorteq were also blazed freely. But the price is priced so high that maybe no one wants to buy!

It is still unclear, which country team will use the WR-X Vorteq in Tokyo later. 

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