Red Bull Team Reveals Reasons to Move Pierre Gasly to Toro Rosso

Pierre Gasly returned to Toro Rosso after six months under Red Bull Racing in the first half of the 2019 Formula 1 ( F1 ) season .

BolaSport.com reported earlier, the position of Pierre Gasly in Red Bull Racing will be replaced by Toro Rosso racer Alexander Albon. Gasly will represent Toro Rosso until the 2019 F1 season ends.

That is, Albon will be given the opportunity by Red Bull Racing to bertandem with Max Verstappen in the last nine F1 series 2019. The 2019 Belgian GP will be Gasly and Albon’s debut with their brand-new uniforms. Helmut Marko has openly revealed the reason for switching Gasly to Albon. One of them is the big gap between Gasly and Verstappen in terms of performance.

The Red Bull Racing team is currently in the top three of the constructors’ standings and 44 points adrift of second-ranked occupants, Ferrari. However, the very wide distance between Gasly and Verstappen was allegedly making Red Bull Racing feel unsatisfied with Gasly’s performance. At present, Max Verstappen is in third place in the F1 drivers’ standings in 2019 with 181 points. As for Gasly, he is sixth with 63 points.

Marko did not hesitate to mention that the French racer was less motivated to catch up with Verstappen.

“Pierre Gasly has a lot of problems in racing and that makes him lose his position at Red Bull,” said Helmut Marko, quoted by BolaSport.com from GPBlog.

“In addition, he also lacked the determination to catch up, and as if only resigned to losing a lot of points,” he said again.

“We have to pay attention to Albon and give him a chance until the end of this year. We will see who should side with Max Verstappen next year at Red Bull,” Marko said. Pierre Gasly actually has a history that is not so bad during a career in F1 racing. Before joining Red Bull Racing, the 23-year-old racer won the GP2 Series in 2016.

Even last season, Pierre Gasly, who was still defending Toro Rosso, finished fourth in the 2018 Bahrain GP and sixth in the 2018 Hungarian Grand Prix.

This certainly shows that Gasly does have talent. However, being in the same umbrella with Max Verstappen and being the second driver in Red Bull Racing seemed to make Pierre Gasly feel depressed.

Moreover, Red Bull Racing is the first top team he has ever defended during his career as a Formula 1 racer.

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