Sebastian Vettel thinks there’s nothing wrong with the Ferrari team

Bad news descends on the stronghold of Ferrari lately, following the poor results they achieved in the 2019 F1 competition .

The reason, Prancing Horse Team recorded not been able to carve a single victory from the first 13 series of ground jet racing this season.

However, conditions turned 180 degrees after the summer break. Ferrari in a row were able to win 3 wins as proof that they have not given up on the hunt for world titles.

Vettel also defended the team that had raised his name and said that there really was nothing wrong with Ferrari .

This German racer also had a hard time with Ferrari in the last twelve months.

The man who collected four world titles failed to carve a victory for more than a year before becoming a champion at the Singapore F1 GP last weekend.

Vettel expressed the contents of the day related to the decline in performance experienced by the Maranello Squad.

“I cannot say that I am truly satisfied. However, as I have said before, there is nothing wrong with this team,” said the 32-year-old racer.

“I don’t feel that our car is lacking fast or anything like that. We have been working to improve on yesterday’s race.”

“Maybe I messed up the race at Monza with my mistake. After all, that’s part of the game,” he continued.

Vettel could not cover his disappointment related to the poor results he had achieved in the past year.

“Sometimes, the direction of the waves does change. But I always have high expectations of myself,” Vettel said.

“Certainly not something fun if you can not realize what I could have done.”

“But it is very natural that after so long experiencing beautiful moments, you will be devastated by a variety of bad results. This is also part of the game,” he said.

Vettel and the other racers will return to compete in the 16th F1 2019 series which will be held at Sochi Autodrom, Russia.

Russian F1 GP according to the plan will be held this weekend, precisely on the 27th to 29th September 2019.

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