Is it true Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo are the Enemies at Real Madrid?

Since joining Real Madrid in 2013 ago, Gareth Bale was mentioned as a cold war with Cristiano Ronaldo. That said, they were hostile because Ronaldo was jealous of Bale whose transfer value to Madrid was more expensive.

As is known, Ronaldo brought Real Madrid from Manchester United in 2009 ago at a price of 80 million pounds. While Bale was trafficked from Tottenham Hotspur at a price of 86 million pounds and made the 26-year-old player the best player in the world.

Ahead of the away match against Manchester City (Man City) in the Champions League, Bale clarified the rumor. He said his relationship with Ronaldo was fine. Even Bale felt helped by Ronaldo at the beginning of playing in Madrid.

“Cristiano Ronaldo speaks English which really helped me when I first came here. We have had good relations since we were in the Premier League. We are both very close, “he said, quoted from the Mirror, Tuesday, April 26, 2016.

In addition to claiming to be helped by Ronaldo, Bale also called Ronaldo’s playing style very suitable with his playing style. Bale hopes he and Ronaldo can win many titles this season. “We scored a lot of goals. Hopefully our collaboration will improve until the end of the competition and win a number of titles, “he concluded.

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