LaLiga: Real Madrid Still Mighty

Soccer, 2019/2020 Spanish League has lasted for 7 weeks. During the La Liga title Real Madrid managed to carve the achievement of being the only team that has never been beaten. Spanish League: Real Madrid is still mighty.

Spanish League: Real Madrid Still Mighty

This happened after Valencia managed to conquer Athletic Bilbao with a score of 1-0. As a result, Los Blancos appeared to be the only team that had never been defeated by an opponent. Despite having to swallow the disappointment of having to be held to a draw by Atletico Madrid with a score of 0-0, but it did not fade the strength of Real Madrid.

From the results of up to seven matches, Real Madrid won four times and drew three times. The Real managed to score as many as 12 goals against the opponent, and only conceded 6 goals. Thus Zinedine Zidane’s team managed to tops the Spanish league standings with 15 points.

And great again, Los Blancos managed to play clean sheets three times in a row. One goalless match is taken away at home while the other two go to the opposing home. This is the first record since Real Madrid coached Zidane.


Hold a draw when competing against Atletico Madrid, making the captain Sergio Ramos expressed his disappointment

“This is a game that is very physical. 
Our goal to secure the three points did not materialize. 
We can print clean sheets and create opportunities. 
Atletico are a very solid team, we have a chance through Benzema, but achieving one point is quite disappointing. 
We are still undefeated, but we still have to maintain this good pace ”

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