Manchester United vs Crystal Palace: Nirbobol at Old Trafford

Manchester United failed to gain full points in the second match of the Premier League 2019/20 face Wolverhampton Wanderers (1-1). In the third week, United have a great chance to get back to winning ways because it will face Crystal Palace.

Palace is not in ideal condition. They haven’t even won yet. After a goalless draw against Everton , Palace lost to the promotion team, Sheffield United, with a narrow 1-0 score .

Two goalless games are also another problem that must be faced by Palace. Together with Watford, they became a team that had not been able to break into the opponent’s goal until the second week.

Palace attack line is having problems. At the moment, they are the eleventh team with the least chance of creating chances with 12 shots. The number of shots they only lost narrowly than West Ham United (13 shots) and Wolverhampton Wanderers (14). Apparently this situation occurred because Palace mainstay striker, Wilfried Zaha, was in a less sharp condition because he did not follow the pre-season related to the issue of his move to Arsenal and Everton which then failed.

Do not stop there, Palace attack line also has a bad history when competing at the headquarters of Manchester United, Old Trafford. The last three matches at Old Trafford, not even Palace was able to score a goal. Moreover, only once Palace was able to draw against United at home.

In contrast, Man United this season is in good condition. In terms of defense, they are one of the teams that are difficult to attack. Of the two matches, only 24 shots threatened United’s goal. The amount is somewhat small because Watford is the third least in terms of threat of attack alone recorded 17 shots. Only Man City (8 shots) and Everton (14) have the best defense.

In addition, United’s attack line is also being sharp. United are not teams that can bombard an opponent’s defenses like, for example, Man City who are able to release 30 shots at Tottenham Hotspur. But United became one of the best teams to take advantage of opportunities.

United scored five goals from a total of 20 shots. 

That means that every shot United has a chance of being scored by 25%. In comparison, Manchester City who have scored seven goals (the most) have a percentage of goals per shot of 16%. Even Liverpool have collected 6 goals, the percentage is “only” 20%.

That means that although United lacks opportunities, United has the most effective attacking line in taking advantage of opportunities. The match against Chelsea is one example , where four United goals scored from just 11 occasions .

United also have a brilliant record about scoring goals at Old Trafford when entertaining Crystal Palace. Although last season had to share points through goalless results, but the previous two seasons United twice won with a score of 4-0 (2017/18) and 2-0 (2016/17).

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