Profile of Giovanni Martusciello, Interim Coach for Juventus

Juventus cannot be led by their brand-new coach, Maurizio Sarri, in the inaugural two matches in Serie A 2019/20. 

The former Chelsea and Napoli coach was recently convicted of suffering from pneumonia or pneumonia. The disease was caused by Sarri’s smoking habit, which usually consumes dozens of cigarettes per day.

Therefore there is no Sarri in the inaugural match when Juventus face Parma on Saturday (08/24). In the match which was won by the Old Lady with a score of 1-0, Juventus was led by Giovanni Martusciello.

Martusciello is a new figure at Juventus. But he is one of Sarri’s trusted people. The 48-year-old coach was Sarri’s assistant when he coached Empoli. The two worked together for seven years in Empoli, the team that raised the name Sarri.

The two separated in 2016 after Sarri chose to leave for Naples. Having been the head coach of Empoli, Martusciello received a proposal from Internazionale Milan who coached Luciano Spalletti in 2017 as assistant coach. But the dismissal of Spalletti at the end of the 2018/19 season, which was replaced by Antonio Conte, made Martusciello also have to leave from Inter. In two seasons, Spalletti (with Martusciello) has always brought Inter to finish fourth in Serie A.

Luckily Martusciello did not linger without a job. Because at the same time, Sarri who previously coached Chelsea returned to Italy to coach Juventus. The 60-year-old coach also invited Martusciello back to be his assistant.

Martusciello’s presence expelled Marco Landucci from the post of assistant coach of Juventus. Landucci is indeed the default coach of the previous Juventus coach, Massimilliano Allegri. Landucci and Allegri have worked together since the two of them were still training Cagliari, which means also working together at AC Milan before at Juventus.

Juventus itself is not the only time being led by an assistant coach to undergo the match. 

In the 2012/13 season, Massimmo Carrera, who when serving as assistant coach of Juventus was assigned as the temporary head coach of Juventus when Antonio Conte could not accompany the team because of a penalty from FIGC related to scommesepoli. Interestingly, Carrera also led Juventus in the opening match of Serie A against Parma, which also ended in a Juventus victory.

In this match against Parma Martusciello did not play any new Juventus defender Matthijs de Ligt. According to him, he really wanted to bring in more experienced players to start Serie A with a win.

“Today’s squad selection? The team is made up of many champions, and today we have the most experienced players. It is important to win in this difficult match. I got a message from Sarri that he is pleased with this three-point achievement,” Martusciello said after the match on the official Juventus website.

Martusciello is likely to still lead Juventus for a while in the second match of Serie A 2019/20 against former Sarri team, Napoli. However, Sarri had asked permission from Juventus management to be able to return to the field faster because he felt he was healthy and needed to be on the bench when Juventus traveled to Naples. However, Juventus management seems to be rejecting the request because from the beginning they said that Sarri needed a break of up to two weeks, only returning after the September international break.

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