“The Fat” Romelu Lukaku For Sale, Gary Neville Value Manchester United Make the Right Step

Neville called Lukaku a fat player and it was fitting to be sold by United.

Gary Neville views Manchester United as making the right decision to release Romelu Lukaku, who he thinks is no longer worthy of defending the Red Devilsbecause of being overweight.

Lukaku is on the verge of moving to Italy after United agreed to a € 80 million bid from Inter Milan.

Previously, negotiations between the two teams went tough and made Lukaku reluctant to train with United. The Belgian striker reportedly chose to train with his former club, Anderlecht , while waiting for the development of his transfer.

That attitude was regretted by Neville, but now he feels relieved that United are just one step away from the departure of this fat-boned striker.

“He admitted himself overweight. He weighed more than 100 kilograms! And he played for Manchester United!” Neville said in his tweet on Twitter.

“He will look good and score at Inter Milan, but his unprofessional attitude [at United] is really contagious.”

If you stay at Old Trafford this season, Lukaku is not predicted to be the first choice because manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer prefers to install Marcus Rashford or Anthony Martial in the position of central striker.

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