Unique Cucurella Transfer, Barcelona Strategy

Marc Cucurella impressed during his defense of SD Eibar in the 2018/19 La Liga. 

Playing in 33 matches, the player born in Allela became an important part of Eibar surviving the brink of degradation.

Cucurella himself is a player educated by La Masia aka the Barcelona academy. When playing at Eibar last season he was a loan player from Barcelona. But he underwent a unique transfer in the 2019 summer transfer market.

Because of being a mainstay player, Eibar sweetens Cucurella In accordance with the agreement at the start of the 2018/19 season, Eibar does have the right to make Cucurella a transfer of 2 million euros. As of July 1, 2019, Eibar officially owns Cucurella. Cucurella has also participated in Eibar’s pre-season.

But in the agreement made on May 27, Barca included a repurchase clause worth 4 million euros. 

Uniquely, Barca activated the clause on July 16, 2019 or 16 days after the 2019 summer transfer market was opened. Practically Cucurella belongs to Barca again in the shortest possible time.

“Marc Cucurella will not continue his career at Eibar because Barcelona has activated a repurchase clause. 

Eibar previously activated Cucurella’s purchase option on May 27, and the player had already undergone pre-season with the team, but Barcelona activated the option they have today (7/16), ” wrote the official Eibar page.

The uniqueness of Cucurella’s transfer doesn’t stop there. 

Two days after returning to Barcelona, ​​it turned out that the 20-year-old player was immediately loaned to another club, not Eibar but Getafe.

Getafe also has the option to make Cucurella play for next season with a value of 6 million euros. In addition, Barca also included a 40% profit clause on Cucurella’s sale later if Getafe took the permanent option next season.

That means, Cucurella “moved” to three different teams in one transfer market. 

This situation happened, most likely, was a Barca strategy so that it would still benefit if one day Cucurella was sold at a high price by Getafe. Because if Barcelona does not activate the repurchase clause in an agreement with Eibar, Barca will not get any profit when Eibar sells Cucurella.

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