Beat Up to Fall, MMA Fighters Perform Disgusting Action

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter , Austin Batra performs disgusting actions after still trying to beat his opponent, Perry Hayer who has been sprawled. In a Battlefield Fight League class Amateur Welterweight Championship in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Batra must accept the fact that he was disqualified from the competition. When in fact the Batra almost won the battle, but the victory failed to achieve after the action of disgusting and not worthy of imitation, as reported by the Sport Bible page .

Batra has succeeded in winning since the start of the fight. He repeatedly succeeded in cornering Hayer. Until finally he could overthrow his rival and beat him to the ground.

But as if unsatisfied, Batra tried again to give a blow like a technique carried out by WWE wrestlers to Hayer who was already lying helpless.

The action was immediately prevented by the referee and made Batra not to hurt Hayer. The aftermath of his actions was that Batra was disqualified and victory was finally awarded to Hayer. Failed to win made Batra rumored to have been angry and blamed the referee’s actions related to his decision and he even bluntly claimed he only wanted to ‘kill’ Hayer on the Octagon arena.

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