Beautiful MMA Fighters Make Opponents TKO with Enchanting ‘Slam’ Techniques

Beautiful Mix Martial Arts (MMA) fighter , Chelsea Hackett succeeded in overthrowing his opponent, Nicole Szepesvary to TKO ( Technical Knock Out ) only with charming slamming techniques. In the flying class battle at the MMA 29 Eternal competition on the Gold Coast, Australia, Hackett succeeded in overthrowing his compatriot rival in just two rounds. Both are involved in a quite fierce battle, where Nicole had continued to provide attacks on Hackett. But Hackett who is a former world champion Muay Thai twice managed to reverse the position.

At that time Nicole, who is also a specialist athlete Jiu-Jitsu began to attack, but Hackett swiftly immediately took control and immediately overthrew his rival through a foot sweep kick technique that made his opponent immediately fell on the octagon. Launching from the page RT Sports , Hackett immediately tried to give a blow to Nicole who had fallen. But the action was immediately intercepted by the referee.

The lying and helpless Nicole immediately got help, until finally the referee decided to give victory to Hackett, who had just gone through three MMA battles. His victory was the second for Hackett after he made the decision to move to the MMA world in May 2019, and set a 2-0-1 victory record. While Nicole must be satisfied with the value of 2-2-0.

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