Hit the Opponent in the Vital Section, UFC Fighter Wins in 12 Seconds

UFC fighter , Walt Harris, managed to subvert his opponent, Alexey Oleynik, in just 12 seconds after beating him in the vital part. In the battle that took place at UFC San Antonio, United States, Harris managed to defeat his opponent easily and lined up as the third fastest heavyweight Knockout (KO) in the history of the MMA promoter . Since the start of the battle, both of them did the horses where Oleynik gave the attack first. Then Harris also gave a knee blow to the vital part of his rival’s body namely the head.

When trying to avoid Harris’s attack, Oleynik slipped and gave way to the 36-year-old fighter to beat him by giving a punch in the head.

Launching from the sports news page RT Sports , Alexey Oleynik was immediately defeated helplessly, until the referee stated that Walt Harris won through a knockout decision in just 12 seconds.

The victory over the UFC octagon arena was a good start for Harris after becoming one of the MMA athletes who underwent an anti-doping penalty suspension for involuntarily ingesting supplements containing illicit substances . His comeback made the United States fighter again record a 13-7-0 record, while Alexey Oleynik could not extend the record, which is 57-13-1.

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