Make you ache! This is the MMA Fighter’s seconds beaten to the point where his teeth protectors bounce

A Mix Martial Arts (MMA) fighter from the United States, Jason Edwards had to knock out after getting a death kick from Adrian Najera to make his protective gear bounce. In a Bellator 228 fight in the United States , Edwards failed to win after he had to be defeated by Najera in the third round.

The MMA competition runs fiercely where both fighters are determined to give an attack and prove who is stronger on the octagon. But everything changed after Najera gave a deadly knee kick toward Edwards chin to make the protective gear bounce away to the tip of the octagon.

But Edwards was still able to provide resistance, until finally Uncle Sam’s country fighter lost the KO decision, as quoted from the Unilad website. As a result, this victory was able to add to the positive record debut owned by Adrian Najera with a value of 2-0-0, while Jason Edwards himself failed to maintain his victory with a value of 2-1-0.

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