MMA Fighters Imprisoned After Murdering Their Families in a Cruel Way

A Mix Martial Arts (MMA) fighter from the United States, Akira Keir Smith was arrested and jailed after killing his own family, his brother-in-law, Bernabe Torres in a cruel way Launching from the Chron page , the autopsy results revealed that 31-year-old Torres had 30 stabs with sharp objects on his body.

The local court also revealed there were traces on his neck and his face was also covered with black plastic bags.

Smith was finally arrested and will be jailed in County Harris, United States and scheduled to give a statement related to the heinous act carried out to his brother-in-law.

Smith is an MMA fighter based in Cleveland, Texas, and is registered as a heavyweight fighter with a professional record of four wins and three defeats. However it was noted, its status was suspended and its last fight occurred in 2016.

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