Olympic Champion Fighters are reluctant to be compared to Ronda Rousey

Female fighter from the United States, Kayla Harrison, unwilling to be equated with Ronda Rousey . He claimed to be better than the former UFC star. Harrison claims that his achievements have now exceeded the achievements of Rousey, even he claimed to want to carve a champion record far exceeding that of his rival. For him, comparing with Rousey is a good thing. However, when compared to the achievements he has achieved so far it is not appropriate.

Harrison has won two consecutive Olympic gold medals in the judo sport and became the first American judoka to get the title. Not only that, he also managed to wipe out five wins in the mixed martial arts (MMA) PFL (Professional Fighters League) and now he gets paid in one million US dollars a day. “I have won every game there is to win, twice. Win the Olympics twice. I also won the world cup. So when you compare the two of us, it makes me laugh a little, “he said, as quoted by Business Insider Singapore . According to him, Rousey’s achievements were certainly not comparable with what he had achieved. Rousey only managed to bring silver in the world cup and bronze at the Olympics. Although many titles have been won, Kayla Harrison will not use her popularity to promote herself.

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