Recently Lose and Experienced a Broken Nose, This UFC Fighter Reported Bankrupt

Bad luck continues to haunt UFC fighter , Mike Perry. After being defeated and having a broken nose from Vicente Luque at UFC Fight Night 156, Sunday (11/08/19), this time it was reported that Mike Perry was bankrupt. Reporting from MMAMania , the news of Mike Perry’s bankruptcy because he had to pay a tax debt from the Uruguayan government, as well as giving 15 percent of its income to its management. 

This of course invites a question mark, considering that the fight between Mike Perry and Vicente has been named the best match at the event by the UFC. That is, he actually gets paid bonuses outside the contract. “Uruguay took 17. Management and the team 15 percent. Still had (debt) tax last year. Money in the bank was 6 dollars (85 thousand rupiah). 400 thousand fans in IG as well,” said Perry in his Instastory.

As previously mentioned, Mike Perry managed to steal the attention when he competed in UFC Fight Night 156. In that match, he suffered a severe injury to a broken nose after Vincente had his knee right in Perry’s nose.

Perry reportedly had experienced serious medical treatment due to this injury. In fact, he had experienced a crisis after undergoing surgery to restore the shape of the nose. You could say this is one of the most severe injuries ever to occur in the MMA competition .

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