Tragic! KO 5 Seconds, MMA Fighter from America Directly Retires

Mix Martial Arts (MMA) fighter from the United States, Ben Askren surprisingly decided to retire from the world of mixed martial arts which has raised his name. Launching from the page RT Sports , the decision was because he suffered an injury in the hip that forced him to retire from the MMA world. “I decided to retire from the world of mixed martial arts. I have problems in my hips and the doctor suggested that I should restore it immediately in order to live life as usual, “said Ben Askren.

“I have been thinking about this for a week, and I decided to retire with gratitude because of a brilliant career that I have felt even though it was often not what I expected,” he added.

Askren is one figure who is quite controversial. He also had experienced a quite embarrassing defeat last July after being overthrown by Jorge Masvidal. In the UFC  239 battle , Askren’s series of victories stopped at the hands of Jorge Masvidal in a duel held at T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, United States in just five seconds and immediately fell to the ground after being hit hard by the  flying knee technique  by his rival.

The defeat was touted as the fastest defeat in UFC history. Whereas before, Ben Askren was an MMA fighter with a record of never losing from 19 matches underway.

In his career, Askren had strengthened the United States wrestling team in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, but failed to win a medal. 

He then swerved into the MMA world in early 2009 by fighting under small promoters in the United States. Then he got a contract from the international MMA promoter , Bellator Fighting Championships in 2010, and continued with a 2-year contract from the ONE Championship based in Singapore in 2013 and decided to switch to UFC in 2018.

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